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85 years of growth

Tecnologia e passione


Palazzani is a company with a history of over 85 years, specialising in Earth Moving Machines, Aerial Platforms and Mini Cranes project engineering and manufacturing. A totally Italian Company, which has been able to confirm its position and to expand its business in a global and internationally competitive market.
Our customers are skilled people who recognise and expect quality, especially when it is the result of choices matching technology and passion. They continue to demand the highest quality, which meets or exceeds their expectations. They communicate directly with the people at Palazzani who continue to create, innovate and produce the exceptional machines.

Davide Palazzani, C.E.O. of Palazzani Industrie

Between tradition and avant-guarde


BORN 1935

The Company Palazzani was born in 1935, from a small workshop, which began manufacturing agriculture equipment.


In 1954, first Earth Moving Machines were produced, a range of hydraulically operated 4WD Wheeled Loaders, excavators and cranes.


The positive feedback from the market allowed the Company to enlarge and progressively differentiate its manufacturing field and to become a joint-stock Company in 1980.

Paload and Palift

Palazzani has two manufacturing divisions: Palift – for Aerial Platforms and Paload – for Earth Moving Machines.


From 2020 the company has introduced Palcrane: design and production of mini crawler cranes spider type from 2.9 tons of max lifting capacity.

Palazzani history

A Company firmly Italian



Every Palazzani product, belonging to aerial platforms sectors, earth moving machines and mini cranes sector, can be customized according to customer needs, thanks to the many available options. The objective of personalisation is to improve the machine hourly output, which means higher operative efficiency levels.


Income stability and unchanged employment in market strong turbulence allows reinvesting in technologic and logistic innovation and to favours the development of the new earth moving machines and aerial platforms models.


To achieve the double objective personalization + profitability (productivity), Palazzani applies innovative and unique technological solutions regarding ergonomics, performances, environmental responsibility and safety to its machines. Every Palazzani machine is developed and built to satisfy its user.


Control and quality


The Company bases its work on a tested internal management model concerning quality and safety, which is flexible and strict at the same time. Evidence of this is the facilities configuration, which ensures the process optimization of the whole supply chain.

Company certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, complying with the requirements for the Quality Management System in the sector of design, production, sale and servicing of earthmoving machines and aerial working platforms.

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Quality Management System

Quality policy

In order to meet our customers needs and expectations, we decided to create a Quality Management System, extending the concept of quality also to the support service provided and our image on the market.

The main objectives of the implemented System are to ensure the complaiance with safety requirements, to constantly improve the reliability levels, in addition to the optimization of the management flow, staff involvement and motivation, the constant monitoring of the activities efficiency.


100% CO2 Free

Our commitment to the environment

We believe that active and responsible citizenship can make a successful company even stronger.

We are committed to sustainable development through environmental protection and social responsibility. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our society today and to minimizing the impact of our actions on future generations and on the environment. In the design, development, manufacture, and delivery of our products, it is our policy to reduce waste, reuse materials, and recycle whenever possible in both our office and manufacturing operations. For several years we have activated the supply of natural gas from 100% renewable sources which involves the compensation of the CO2 emitted by its use.

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European Regional Development Fund

Innovation and competitiveness


Palazzani Industrie Spa is beneficiary of PO FESR Lombardy Region facilitation, regarding R&D Line for Small/medium size Companies (FRIM ERDF 2020), Action I.1.b.1.2 - Support for economic exploitation of innovation through experimentation and adoption of innovative solutions in processes, products and organizational formulas, as well as through the financing of the research results industrialization.

The subsidized spending program involved the construction of a new crane with a telescopic boom, whose innovative aspect consists in the basement. Thanks to this project, the company has studied and developed a crawler base, instead of the usual truck, equipped with stabilizers in order to obtain a lighter and more compact machine than traditional mobile cranes, and equipped with an arm telescopic made by special steels to allow a lower overall weight, with consequent greater maneuverability.