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Spider crane

A complete range of spider crane platforms

Since the 1980s, Palazzani has stood out as a leading reality in the sector of aerial working platforms. Ragno Palazzani has soon become the synonym for this type of machine and today it is available in a wide range of models that reach heights up to 52 metres. The unique features of Spider crane make it the ideal machine for many applications in different applications.
Thanks to the application of the hydraulic winch, in place of basket, the Spider Platform is easily transformed into a Spider Crane, with a lifting capacity up to 500 kg / 980 kg only for XTJ 52+.
The machine uses the same controls as the Spider Platform version with basket, and the working diagram automatically fits without any intervention from the operator.
Available in models from 25 to 52 metres and in all the range versions and power options, i.e. in both tracked and wheeled versions, Bi-energy, Hybrid and ECO power options, the Spider Crane offers an alternative and extremely versatile alternative use to the traditional Spider Lift.
Palazzani Ragno is included in the technological equipment of some of the many prestigious locations such as St. Peter's Basilica, Westminster Cathedral, The Louvre Museum, The CERN, The Beijing Olympic Stadium.