A Palazzani XTJ 37+ crawler platform was purchased by company Michelangelo Srl of Prato, which withdrew it at the end of the GIS 2019 where it was exposed, arousing strong interest from the large audience of sector operators


The XTJ37 + crawler platform, equipped with telescopic boom and Jib, has unique characteristics in the sector, being one of the most compact and performant machines currently in production.

Furthermore, the Palazzani Plus series is synonymous with excellence in everything: plant engineering, hydraulics, and electronics so advanced as to allow operators to feel at ease in every operation. Finally, the Can-Bus system allows easy maneuvering and every drop of hydraulic oil is conveyed only where the command is needed with important savings in time, fuel and money.

The owner of Company Michelangelo Srl, Mr. Longo, a loyal customer of Palazzani Industrie, has focused precisely on these advantages by choosing a Palazzani machine, strongly convinced that the many works requested to be performed in Tuscany art cities can be brilliantly carried out with this flexible platform.

Such a versatile, innovative and pioneer entrepreneur in the local market could not miss this powerful and efficient Palazzani crawler spider model XTJ37 +, which has been set up with a capacity of 330 kg on the basket, or 3 operators plus material, hydraulic winch with a capacity of 500 kg and PALConnect system that offers geolocation of the vehicle, remote assistance and check of all the main functions of the machine.

The first works that this platform will carry out are the maintenance of telephone lines and restoration of churches and historic buildings, which certainly are not lacking in the region where the machine is located.

The Palazzani XTJ37 + crawler spider is just the right machine that was missing in the Michelangelo Srl fleet and will certainly be immediately appreciated by the company's professional staff.