Hydraulic jib


Housed to the boom of the Mini Crane when not in use, the 2778 mm hydraulic fly jib can be easily mounted. Hook block supplied with 1 fall capacity 600 kg.

Hydraulic jib2022-10-20T11:54:04+02:00



The Mini Crane can be used both outdoor, with the diesel engine, and indoor the buildings with zero emissions, with the electric motor + electric pump powered by domestic current (in the optional equipment with 230 V AC engine) or by the industrial current (with 380V AC engine).

230V OR 380V ELECTRIC MOTOR KIT2022-10-20T11:54:46+02:00

Non-marking tracks


White rubber, ideal to operate indoor and/ or on delicate floor.

Non-marking tracks2022-10-20T11:56:29+02:00

Kit Palconnect


The “PalConnect Kit” is a “ready to go” package that can be combined with the Ragno platform and that allows the customer to own an “Industry 4.0 compliant” product.

It is a kit that offers a remote connection service with the aerial platform that allows the user to monitor the key parameters of use of the machine and intervene with some of them.

Kit Palconnect2022-10-24T12:34:19+02:00

Hook block 1 -2° fall with load capacity 2000 kg


Hook block with pulleys 1-2° fall with max load capacity 2000 kg – 26,5 m, 1000 kg – 53m.

Hook block 1 -2° fall with load capacity 2000 kg2022-10-20T11:58:26+02:00

Cover sheet


Plastic cover sheet in pvc 300 gr with easy opening with hinges on the sides and closing straps.

Cover sheet2022-10-20T12:07:59+02:00

Additional stabilizer plates


Additional plates in thermoplastic material, to distribute the load of the stabilizers on the ground and have greater stability of the machine.

Additional stabilizer plates2022-10-20T12:09:25+02:00

Customized colours and stickers


The colors and the stickers can be customized according to the client’s corporate livery.

Customized colours and stickers2022-10-20T12:09:39+02:00
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