Lifting hook in place of the basket


The lifting hook in place of the basket is an innovative device that can transform in a few simple steps and without the use of particular equipment an aerial platform with basket into a Spider with the function of a mobile crane capable of lifting interesting loads, such as building materials or antennas.

Its installation involves the rapid disassembly of the people basket through the fixing system followed by the assembly of the hook support plate.

Its load capacity varies according to the capacity of the aerial platform on which it is installed.

It is very useful within some work scenarios, such as construction sites or maintenance interventions, where you need to lift heavy loads and materials with only the movement of the boom, having little time available to do so.

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Lifting hook in place of the basket2024-05-28T12:00:55+02:00

Non-marking tracks


White rubber, ideal to operate indoor and/ or on delicate floor.

Non-marking tracks2022-10-24T12:05:29+02:00

Cage 70x70x110


One-man aluminum cage size 70×70 cm, suitable for work in particularly narrow spaces.

Cage 70x70x1102022-10-20T12:03:44+02:00

Quick pipes coupling kit for hydraulic winch 500/980 kg


Coupling system and quick release of the hydraulic winch to accelerate and speed up the replacement between basket and winch, reducing significantly the machine downtime.

Simply through a mechanical connection lever, all pipes are automatically connected/disconnected. The hydraulic connector is able to discharge the residual pressure present in the pipes and consequently allows the connection without any force needed.

Quick pipes coupling kit for hydraulic winch 500/980 kg2024-05-21T09:20:31+02:00

Winch installation kit 500kg


Provision of hydraulic and electrical kit for the installation of the hydraulic winch of 500 kg.

Winch installation kit 500kg2022-10-20T12:05:05+02:00

Customized colours


Possibility to customize the colours of the tracked lift with different RAL according to the client’s corporate livery.

Customized colours2022-10-20T12:05:37+02:00

Castors under the cage


4 wheels mounted under the basket for easily moving it when dismounted.

Castors under the cage2022-10-20T12:06:08+02:00

Led headlight


One or more additional led headlights installed on the basket or on the boom.

Led headlight2022-10-20T12:06:38+02:00

Pedal to the cage


Safety pedal to operate the movements from the cage.

Pedal to the cage2022-10-20T12:07:05+02:00

Kit Palconnect


The “PalConnect Kit” is a “ready to go” package that can be combined with the Ragno platform and that allows the customer to own an “Industry 4.0 compliant” product.

It is a kit that offers a remote connection service with the aerial platform that allows the user to monitor the key parameters of use of the machine and intervene with some of them.

Kit Palconnect2022-10-14T15:41:02+02:00
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