Non-marking tracks


White rubber, ideal to operate indoor and/ or on delicate floor.

Non-marking tracks2022-10-24T12:05:29+02:00

Double travel speed for TSJ


Increased travel speed available for the TSJ Series Ragno aerial platforms.

Increase of 50/60% for Ragno TSJ models 23.1/25/27/30.1

Increase of 30/40% for Ragno TSJ 35/39 models

Double travel speed for TSJ2022-10-20T12:16:18+02:00

3rd Work area


Work area with an increased load, to have the possibility to work with 330 kg of load in the basket – available only for XTJ series – 400 kg only for XTJ 52

3rd Work area2022-10-20T12:18:27+02:00

Electric generator


230VCA single-phase, powered by the diesel engine, connected to an electrical socket in the cage, for the use of electrical tools during aerial working.

Electric generator2022-10-20T12:18:55+02:00



Device for measuring the wind, with an acoustic warning of the wind max speed allowed for aerial working


Basket anti-collision kit


The anti-collision system consists of two different types of sensors: laser and ultrasonic.

The laser sensors are positioned at the four corners of the basket and monitor the distance between the operator and any vertical obstacles, so operators within this area are protected from anti-entrapment accidents.

Ultrasonic sensors can be positioned frontally, laterally and under the basket and check the presence of any obstacles around the perimeter of the basket preventing the collision of the cage with obstacles located nearby.

The system is equipped with two different intervention thresholds: an early warning and an alarm.

With the activation of the pre-alarm, the operator is warned of the danger through the activation of an acoustic signal and a light, when you exceed the alarm threshold, the machine blocks all movements and stops.

Movements are restored by pushing a button on the specific control in the cage.

Basket anti-collision kit2022-10-20T12:45:31+02:00

Additional plates


Additional plates to distribute the load of the stabilizers on the ground and have greater stability of the machine.

They are available in:

  • Plastic material, light weight
  • Plastic material with adaptive guides
  • Galvanized steel, with handles and adaptive guides
Additional plates2022-10-20T12:46:29+02:00

Intercom circuit


Electronic device for voice communication between the operator at height in the basket and the operator on the ground.

Intercom circuit2022-10-20T12:47:47+02:00

Radio control


Circuit of radio-wave driven controls, for ground operation even at a great distance.

Radio control2022-10-20T12:48:35+02:00
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