Non-marking tracks


White rubber, ideal to operate indoor and/ or on delicate floor.

Non-marking tracks2022-10-24T12:05:29+02:00

Double travel speed for TSJ


Increased travel speed available for the TSJ Series Ragno aerial platforms.

Increase of 50/60% for Ragno TSJ models 23.1/25/27/30.1

Increase of 30/40% for Ragno TSJ 35/39 models

Double travel speed for TSJ2022-10-20T12:16:18+02:00

Electric generator


230VCA single-phase, powered by the diesel engine, connected to an electrical socket in the cage, for the use of electrical tools during aerial working.

Electric generator2022-10-20T12:18:55+02:00

Additional plates


Additional plates to distribute the load of the stabilizers on the ground and have greater stability of the machine.

They are available in:

  • Plastic material, light weight
  • Plastic material with adaptive guides
  • Galvanized steel, with handles and adaptive guides
Additional plates2022-10-20T12:46:29+02:00
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