Stabilizer protection


Iron protection for the stabilizer rod to cover a delicate part of the machine that could be damaged by falling material.

Stabilizer protection2022-10-20T12:02:40+02:00

Customized colours


Possibility to customize the colours of the tracked lift with different RAL according to the client’s corporate livery.

Customized colours2022-10-20T12:05:37+02:00

Led headlight


One or more additional led headlights installed on the basket or on the boom.

Led headlight2022-10-20T12:06:38+02:00

Pedal to the cage


Safety pedal to operate the movements from the cage.

Pedal to the cage2022-10-20T12:07:05+02:00

Kit Palconnect


The “PalConnect Kit” is a “ready to go” package that can be combined with the Ragno platform and that allows the customer to own an “Industry 4.0 compliant” product.

It is a kit that offers a remote connection service with the aerial platform that allows the user to monitor the key parameters of use of the machine and intervene with some of them.

Kit Palconnect2022-10-14T15:41:02+02:00

“Return to home” function


The “return to home” function allows to automatically return to the transport position by pressing a button on the controls.

“Return to home” function2022-10-20T12:20:13+02:00

Kit 2 speeds


Increased transfer speed kit up to 2.4 km/h to be used for translation.

Kit 2 speeds2022-10-20T12:21:32+02:00

Automatic levelling system


Electronic Stabilizer Self-Leveling System for TZX Series. In addition to the manual system, available on the TZX series machines, the automatic is available as an option, which allows the leveling of the chassis automatically even on important slopes (15-25%, depending on the model), allowing spider placement on roads and irregular grounds, or stairs.

Automatic levelling system2022-10-20T12:22:11+02:00

Additional air/water pipes


Extra-large diameter compressed air/water pipe to the basket.

Additional air/water pipes2022-10-20T12:23:06+02:00



Device for measuring the wind, with an acoustic warning of the wind max speed allowed for aerial working

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