The first ragno XTJ 52 in UK

TCA Lifting, Palazzani historical partner for Palift Division, has introduced the first Spider Lift of 52 m height in its rental fleet

Il primo ed unico ragno XTJ 52 in Inghilterra Il primo ed unico ragno XTJ 52 in Inghilterra

RAGNO XTJ 52 is the biggest model of Palazzani Industrie S.p.A. Palift range and the highest aerial platform, spider type, in the world. Some of the most relevant information of this model are: 20 m outreach and 52 m of max w/h, 8 m negative. The auto-levelling and the multi-positioning stabilizers grant a big flexibility during the machine’s positioning. Ragno XTJ52 has no rotation and height limits also in the narrow set-up with an encumbrance of only 4 m. The basket load capacity is of 400 kg (max. 4 people).

Ragno XTJ 52 offers remarkable performance without losing the fundamental peculiarities of this type of machine, which are: extreme lightness and compactness during the transport, to reach the narrowest places which are impossible other platforms types

To easily operate indoor without gas and noise pollution, i.e. shopping malls, airports, monuments, churches, the machine is equipped with the diesel engine and two 220 V and 380 V electric motors plugged to the domestic/industrial net. In order to get the best power and max Platform performance by the net, the motors are controlled by an electronic device which cleverly adjusts the rotation speed according to the requested load.

Palazzani Ragno XTJ 52 is designed also to become a spider crane, thanks to the application of a hydraulic wire winch with 500 kg of max lifting capacity, instead of the basket. The hydraulic winch can lift 500 kg material up to 46 m height, with a horizontal outreach of 11 m. The basket is easily dismantled and put on a special support which is provided with the machine. The radio remote control allows the operator large space for positioning and monitoring the load movements.