Palazzani Industries S.p.A. presents the new range of “+” Spider Lifts.


The Spider Lifts models entering the “Plus Series” are: TZ 330+, XTJ 43+, XTJ 48.1+, XTJ 52+ and the newest XTJ 37+.

What does “plus” mean and what are the benefits:

Plus means + speed: important increase of the operational efficiency thanks to the introduction of the CAN-bus. The innovative system increases the speed of the machine during aerial work.

Plus means + precision: high precision of aerial movements to carry out at best every delicate operation, in total safety.

Plus means + efficiency: thanks to the extremely fluid movements, there’s a remarkable energy saving and optimization of working times.

Plus means + safety: with the installation of the Easy Drive feature, the truck loading operations result very easy. The innovative transfer system gets the two crawlers at same speed, avoiding unintended steering.

Plus means + comfort: thanks to the “Return to Home” function, the machine automatically switches from work position to transport position.

Plus means + interconnected: with the PALConnect kit, the platform can be interconnected with other softwares, and the main functions of the machine can be controlled and checked for remote.