Edilizia Galasso - XTJ 37+

E.G. Galasso is a construction company based in Sanremo (IM) specialized in interventions on aerial platforms for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, renovation, consolidation, recovery, and restoration. For over a decade, the company has stood out for its conservative philosophy that combines traditional techniques with innovative solutions.

Founded in 2002, E.G. Galasso has consolidated its reputation in renting platforms and scaffolding for civil, private, and public use in Liguria.

The company has a modern and cutting-edge fleet that, with the support of a team of highly qualified technicians, offers different rental solutions with or without operator. This guarantees customers the highest quality in the services offered, with customized and professional solutions for every type of building project.

Palazzani & Edilizia Galasso - XTJ 37+

The choice of the Spider XTJ 37+

On April we delivered our Ragno XTJ 37+ to E.G. Galasso, which needed to expand its fleet of equipment.

This aerial platform has been carefully selected to meet the needs of the building and rental industry. With its 37 m of lifting height and 15 m of outreach, the Ragno XTJ 37+ will allow the Ligurian company to effectively tackle a wide range of construction, maintenance, and renovation projects.

The Ragno XTJ 37+ aerial platform stands out for its versatility. It is a narrow and compact Spider lift, either for driving and set-up, and it can work with simple and direct movements, with zero tail swing.  The working areas are monitored by the automatic “Area Manager” system, ensuring maximum security and control.

The set-up is automatic, and 2 positions are available for each stabilizer. The rotation of the turret of 660 ° is possible under any set-up condition, ensuring great operational versatility. It is undoubtedly the best solution for rental, ideal for construction work, and for work in the field of telecommunications.

“One of our strong points is definitely the use of aerial platforms – says Vincenzo Galasso, owner of E.G. Galasso company – Thanks to the versatility of the Ragno XTJ 37+ we are now able to carry out several jobs, especially in uncomfortable areas“.

“We are proud that the Ligurian company E.G. Galasso has renewed its confidence in Palazzani products by choosing the Ragno XTJ 37+ to be included in its fleet“- says Luigi De Matteo, Italy Sales Manager of Palazzani Industrie – “We are sure that thanks to the potential of this aerial platform, E.G. Galasso company will be able to guarantee excellent results to its customers and renters, as happened with its first work at height“.

Edilizia Galasso & Palazzani - XTJ 37+

The Spider is already at work

A few days after delivery, the Ragno XTJ 37+ is already working in the field of telecommunications, more precisely for the installation of two antennas in Liguria.

“We were able to carry out two jobs for the same company that is responsible for installing antennas in the Ligurian territory, respectively in Diano Marina (IM) and in the hinterland of Finale Ligure (SV)” – continues Vincenzo Galasso.

We were able to carry out the second intervention thanks to the ability to move the Spider through its tracks and not through wheels, it was in fact necessary to cover more than a kilometer of road in the dirt to reach the antenna”.

The Spider lift fully met expectations, successfully completing the work thanks to the use of the hydraulic winch instead of the basket. This device, with a maximum lifting capacity of 500 kg, made possible the movement of the antenna at the required height, thus ensuring a flawless installation.

“Just over a month after delivery, the new Ragno XTJ 37+ proves to be a great ally” – concludes Vincenzo Galasso.

If you are also a Rental Company or a Construction Company and are looking for an aerial platform to expand your fleet, do not hesitate to contact us: our Staff will guide you to choose the most suitable Spider Lift for your business.