Kemerovo is a Russian city, about 3000 km from Moscow. This city is in the center of an important carboniferous basin the Kuzbass.

A large-scale construction of the multifunctional sports complex “Kuzbass-Arena”, timed to coincide with the celebration of the 300th anniversary of Kuzbass, is underway in Kemerovo.

The sports facility will be located on an area of 54 thousand square meters. It is intended for holding competitions in 14 sports, as well as for organizing mass events with the transformation of stands for up to 7,500 spectators.

In the latest years, the technological changes have involved also the sports applications. Indeed, the new Russian sports plant will be equipped with modern, safe and high-quality industrial equipment.

The most impressive feature of this building is, without any doubts, the interactive roof. Interactive images will be visible from afar and from different parts of the city.

In this context, it is crucial to operate with machines that can carry out the work efficiently and sharply, for the installation of audiovisual equipment and lights inside the building, under construction. Furthermore, it’s necessary to pay close attention to the delicate floor of the Arena.

Vertex, Palazzani exclusive Dealer for Russia, has provided one Spider TSJ 35/C Bi-energy for the construction and for the maintenance of this big project.

Palazzani TSJ 35 Bi-energy is a crawler Spider lift with a telescopic boom and a Bi-energy power type “diesel + 220V AC”. This type of power supply makes the Palift TSJ 35 a cross functional machine, for both indoor and outdoor uses.

The working height of 35m, lifting capacity of 230 kg and a horizontal boom outreach of 15m allow to quickly and efficiently lay engineering networks.

Outside the building, TSJ 35 will be used for the installation and subsequent maintenance of the interactive roof. Palazzani TSJ 35 was equipped with non-marking tracks to transfer on delicate flooring without problems.

“For Vertex, this is hardly the first experience in supplying lifting equipment for sports facilities” declares the Russian Company, “Palazzani Spider lifts are already successful operated in the Rhythmic Gymnastics Center named Irina Viner-Usmanova in Moscow, in the Baikal ice palace in Irkutsk, at the climbing wall in Krasnoyarsk, in the indoor football arena “Velikaya Perm” and many other facilities.”

If you have to operate indoor or in similar working conditions, don’t hesitate to contact Palazzani staff: as always, he will find what you need!