Paola Palazzani - Francesco Zola

Palazzani Industrie is glad to announce important changes in its corporate leadership. During the Board meeting of February 23rd, Paola Palazzani has been elected President, while Davide Palazzani now serves as Vice President. Simultaneously, Eng. Francesco Zola, with his solid experience in the Automotive industry, has joined the Board as Managing Director and CEO.

With a true passing of witness between father and daughter, Davide Palazzani hands over the helm of the family business to Paola. Boasting over 25 years of experience in the AWP industry, Paola will lead the company’s long-term strategy, fostering its ongoing development. Davide Palazzani will continue to oversee the financial sector, supported by Dr. Cristian Marchina as CFO.

Alongside Paola, Engineer Francesco Zola, with a consolidated career in the Automotive Industry, will personally lead the execution of operational strategies and the management of all related business activities. His result-oriented vision will be a plus for the success of Palazzani Industrie.

These changes therefore mark a new chapter for Palazzani Industrie!

I believe that our tandem leadership will aim to consolidate and strengthen the company’s position in the global market, while maintaining the values of innovation and quality that have distinguished it since its foundation” says Paola Palazzani.

Looking to the future with confidence“, adds Francesco Zola, “we are ready to face new challenges and seize new opportunities to reach our goals“.