Interventions on Telecoms are more and more frequent and can often be complicated, especially due to the important heights. Safety is for sure one of the main factors to do the job in the best way, along with a skilled operator knowledge of the machine itself.

MediaCo, the number one in lifting and maintenance in France, is a Company that, through its network of 80 local agencies and its teams of professionals, provides a large choice of equipments, cranes, trucks for rental as well as a large range of services. The professionalism and quality of Palazzani machines have established an important relationship between the two Companies.

We would like to talk about one of the many jobs the French company carried out, thanks to the Spider Lift XTJ 52: an aerial intervention in Telecoms application on a 50-meter-high water tank. The mission was the positioning and replacement of some components of the antenna.

“The working site was very difficult: it had a limited set-up area and the boom of the machine had to get as close as possible to the roof” tells us Mr. Jérôme Augereau, MediaCo operator. “It was necessary to reach a working height of 42 meters and an outreach of 9 meters to accomplish the job. A hard work, but not impossible, thanks to the Spider XTJ 52”.

In this scenario, the machine had to operate in half-set-up with the stabilizer number 3 (front side of the work area) due to the cables passing underground, at the foot of the water tank. Consequently, it was not possible to work with normal outreach due to the narrow position and restricted working area.

Despite this, the job was completed in the best way. “Only the kinematics and of the Palazzani XTJ 52 could make it possible to overcome these constraints and achieve the mission,” says the operator.

The features that distinguish the Ragno XTJ 52 are the fast and sharp movements at any height and without rear encumbrance. The multiple combination of set-ups, especially on the strait.

The “Area manager system” automatically adjusts the outreaches, according to stabilization and load (120/230/400 kg), always allowing the rotation over 660 °.

“I work and know this Spider Lift very well as a sole operator for more than two years and this is certainly a big advantage.” Says Mr. Jérôme Augereau, operator of MediaCo.

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