kit di sollevamento del cesto

Palazzani launches the new accessories kit for the basket of XTJ 52+: lifting jib, front supports, upper supports.

Every device can be used with the presence of the operators in the basket. The main objective is to support operators to lift and handle large materials, such as tubes to glass sheets, antennas elements, etc. inside the basket with a solution integrated directly into the machine.

At the moment, this option is available for the model XTJ 52+, the giant of the Palazzani range!

Discover all the tools in the kit

This is a very interesting kit of tools that allow the operators to lift various types of materials in the basket in total safety and during the aerial work! The kit is composed by:

kit sollevamento cesto gancio

Vertical load lifting jib

The vertical load lifting jib is a fixed hook jib, extendable in 2 positions, with 100 kg max lifting capacity.

This device, which can be mounted in a central position on the basket, is designed to lift antennas components and any objects of a certain size and geometry in total safety.

kit sollevamento cesto supporti anteriori

Front fork supports

The front fork supports is designed to lift objects of 100 kg max weight, distributed equally on the two supports. It is adjustable in 2 vertical positions.

Thanks to this type of supports, it is possible to lift materials such as glass sheets or similar loads.

kit sollevamento cesto supporti superiori

Upper fork supports

The upper fork supports is a device designed to lift objects of 100 kg max weight, distributed equally on the two supports.

It is adjustable in 3 vertical lifting positions and with different strokes to grant a firm grip of the load to handle. With this type of supports you can lift loads such as pipes and profiles.

Find out more details

The use of the load lifting kit devices is indicated for lifting material from the ground to the workplace in total safety. It is indicated also to lower material from the workplace to the ground and in that case the operator must always know the weight of the load precisely to proceed in total safety according to the working curve selected by the machine control system.

Thanks to the modular design, the operator can easily mount the accessories according to his needs.

An electronic anemometer is installed on the cage to help the operator to work in safety.

The lifting kit for the basket is the ideal solution for anyone who needs to lift loads within their work site in a simple and safe way.

For further details on the features of this optional do not hesitate to contact us! Palazzani Industrie stands out for its continuous commitment to designing safe and productive systems and innovations.

Investing in safety is a fundamental step for an increasingly protected and efficient working environment.