More safety for Palazzani Spiders Lifts

Palazzani Spider Lifts have always been manufactured to provide excellent performances and top safety to the operator, thanks to deep studies of technology and ability to adapt it to machines, combining design, safety and innovation together.
One of the latest implementations performed on Palazzani machines concerns the automatic selection of the working area according to the set-up (wide/narrow).

between technology and innovation

This function is very important to ensure the machine stability during aerial work, and it has now been even more improved by replacing the existing electromechanical sensors positioned the stabilizers, with encoded RFID electronic sensors. This upgrade increases safety and allows to detect and know in real time the status of the sensor.
In fact, RFID electronic sensors give immediate feedback to both the operator and the machine software and fully meet the requirements of EN ISO 13849-1.

RFID technology

Using RFID technology, the sensors provide high protection against possible tampering, thanks to the unique code transmitted by the actuator. Free of mechanical contacts, these sensors guarantee a long service life even in systems subject to frequent openings/ closures and operating in hostile environmental conditions.
This technology has already been applied to several Spiders, such as TSJ 35.1, XTJ 37+ and XTJ 52+ and will be gradually installed on all Palazzani range.
In conclusion, RFID technology increase safety, leaving the excellent performance of Palazzani machines unchanged.