330 kg basket capacity

The models TSJ 27 and TSJ 30.1 have been recently updated. Originally these two models were designed with 120 kg and 230 kg basket capacity, as all TSJ range. In order to meet the specific needs of two different projects, Palazzani R&D Department has studied and carried out a permanent modification to the basket capacity, adding a third working area and three different capacities (120, 230, 330 kg).
Both requests came from the need to lift 1 more people or more material with the basket, mainly for indoor/outdoor maintenance or general application in rental sector.

satisfied costumers

All types of work must be performed quickly and in total safety; this is why one more person in the basket can be of great help, as well as the ability to carry material such as tools or other objects to perform aerial work.
This modification required extensive calculations, tests and a new software by our Technical Office, as well as a new CE certification.
The first two units have already been delivered to customers and this update has now entered in the list of the available options for these models.
There are other interesting projects in the pipeline of Palazzani R&D Dept., which concern small/medium sized machines, in addition to the completion of the TTZJ 58.
Stay tuned!