Palazzani at Bauma 2022

Bauma Munich 2022: a delayed but long-awaited fair; many expectations but also many worries.
Despite the lack of some countries due to restrictions still present somewhere, and the renunciation of some big Companies, Bauma turned out, once again, to be a great opportunity to meet new contacts and show worldwide the great quality of Made in Italy.
Palazzani Industrie attended at this great event as always, in the outdoor area FS 907 A/1 with a welcoming stand to receive the many customers who every day were curious to know the company’s news.

the highest spider in the world

The products that Palazzani Industrie decided to exhibit were 5: the super novelty that everyone was waiting for was definitely the machine that attracted more attention and questions: the colorful Ragno TTZJ 58, the tallest spider in the world!
This machine was born following the many requests from our customers, developing markets and new applications in expansion phase, and it will complete the already large range of Palazzani Spider Lifts.
The aerial platform TTZJ 58 has a totally new design, a system of articulated arm with double telescopic and fly jib and it is designed to be used in a wide range of applications, especially for interventions at important heights with difficult access, such as telephony, maintenance/restoration in both buildings indoor and outdoor, wind industry and rental.
To give some preliminary data, the Ragno TTZJ 58 reaches the maximum aerial working height of 58 meters and the 20 meters outreach, with 120-230-400 kg basket capacity.
While reaching such an imposing height, this machine maintains all the necessary features of the Spider Lift and Palazzani products, such as compactness, lightness, safety, easy usability and agility.

TSJ 35.1 Eco

On the right of our stand, in white/green colour, it was displayed the Ragno TSJ 35.1. It is the other news presented at Bauma, and shown on tracks and in full green ECO basket capacity (AC + lithium battery). Designed on 2022 and replacing the previous existing TSJ 35, the new Ragno platform offers an excellent aerial work diagram of 35 m working height and 15 m outreach, with only 2 meters high in transfer position to be used indoor without difficulty of access. The new TSJ 35.1 includes the latest generation technology for easier maintenance, modern design and attractive performance. Available in Bi-energy and ECO basket capacitys.
A 32 kW three-phase wall box was displayed in front of TSJ 35.1, to show how this new model can be easily fully recharged in just 2 hours. The wall box had a “type 2 socket”, which is the most common socket available on the market (more than 80% of the existing wall boxes). It is a type of alternating current, recharged in a single-phase system up to 7.4 kW and a three-phase system up to 22 kW. TSJ 35.1 can also be recharged connecting it to the 230 V domestic electricity supply (via Shuko socket) up to the industrial three-phase 32 ampere through the “Juyce” accessory.

RPG 2900 W+ e TZX 225

On the left of the entrance, narrow and companct, it was displayed our mini crane RPG 2900 W+ bi-energy. It is the most performing solution to operate in the narrowest and most inaccessible areas, thanks to its Only 730 mm wide and with a weight of 2800 kg, with max lifting capacity is 2.9 tons. The telescopic boom complete with hydraulic jib reaches 13.2 meters with a capacity of 600 kg. The machine can be towed through a 3,5 ton trailer. Available in Bi-energy basket capacity as standard: Diesel+AC for outdoor and indoor applications.
At the back of the stand, representing the TZX range, visitors admired the Ragno TZX 225.
Spider TZX 225 Bi-energy, versatile Spider Lift, able to operate on soft terrain and delicate floors thanks to its ultra-light and non-marking tracks. Can be towed with 2 axle trailer. The stabilisation is double and each articulated boom is equipped with a double telescopic extension, allowing maximum aerial agility. Lightweight and space-saving, it is ideal for outdoor and indoor maintenance, gardening, and restoration work.

TSJ 30.1

As spokesperson of the TSJ family, the Ragno TSJ 30.1 model was chosen.
Spider lift TSJ 30.1 Hybrid, classic, light and compact spider lift from Palazzani range, with 5 section telescopic boom and upper articulated flying jib. The turret can rotate without limitations on every set-up. The pipes are protected inside the boom. Each outrigger can be rotated in 2 different positions, to work in restricted areas, with automatic self-levelling. It is the best solution for construction, maintenance, tree-care, restoration applications both indoor and outdoor.
We can conclude that also this time Bauma was very satisfactory from all points of view. Although Covid has radically changed our lives, we believe that fairs of a certain importance are definitively still a big opportunity.
We thank again all visitors!

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