The French company

Etablissements Mazeau is a French company of Gond-Pontouvre, a small commune located in the Charente department in the New Aquitaine region. For over 55 years, Ets Mazeau has been involved in the sale and rental of a wide range of industrial machinery and equipment, such as excavators, cranes, telehandlers, etc. In 2022, they started collaborating with Palazzani Industrie S.p.A., for the promotion and distribution of Spider Lifts and Mini Cranes in France. Ets Mazeau’s need was to expand their offer and also enter the Ragni sector, satisfying the needs of jobs with difficult access, often requested by their customers.
The first Palazzani Spiders, mainly 19 and 25 meters long, and Mini Cranes have already been successfully delivered last year. The RPG 2900 Mini Cranes were requested to operate mainly in the construction/renovation sectors, in difficult access mostly outdoors and in rare cases indoors.

Palazzani Spiders

As for Spiders, at the beginning the category most requested by Mazeau’s customers is the one including compact, light and trailer-towable machines, while we’re now also approaching customers in the range from 25 to 35 metres.

All Palazzani Spiders ordered have already been delivered to customers for specific uses such as: pruning, and rental applications. After the first year of collaboration between the French company Ets Mazeau and Palazzani Industries, the second year is of consolidation, growth and identification of new markets, new geographical areas and new projects. The French company will attend the JDL EXPO fair, in Beaune, from 21 to 23 June 2023, where the collaboration will be communicated officially.
“France has always been an important market for our Company; we have been present for more than 30 years with historic collaborations with various French rental and construction companies, which are often a real journey and exchange of ideas, to understand the needs of the most diverse applications and evolve our product” says Laura Gasparini. “It was time to identify a new collaborator who would represent us, to be able to reach and give more support to the huge clientele of small/medium enterprises present in the area. Mazeau’s commercial and technical experience, their organization in the area, and their intention to invest in our product have thrilled us and we are sure that this new collaboration will increase sales and service support.”