Since 1981, GV3 Venpa has been on the market as a specialist in the rental and assistance of construction vehicles, in Italy and abroad.

Today, with over than 4000 machines, 31 branches and a staff of over 180 professional people, it guarantees important supplies of machines, assistance, and complementary services.

For Venpa, innovation means growth, so the company has and renew the resources to always find the most effective solution for each request.

Venpa recognizes itself in values such as experience, enthusiasm, perseverance, professionalism, and passion in serving customers.

Companies like this need solid partnerships, reliable products, and high professionalism.

It is for these reasons that the cooperation between Palazzani and Venpa last for decades, a professional partnership that is now considered as historical that has been consolidated over the years thanks to the high quality of the products, as well as continuous develop in technological and research areas.

Venpa also points out that: “the wide range offered, the continuous attention to technological innovation and the reliability of Palazzani products have been decisive in the company’s choices.”

The models which best suit the Venpa’s rental are the Spiders from 17 to 32 meters.

The most requested area of application of the company is undoubtedly the maintenance, however, the evolution of the product has certainly contributed to expanding the area of application of the Spiders; thus, dimensions, weights and performances allow to satisfy the most different requests.

Venpa continues to rely on Palazzani products as they fully satisfy customer requestes.

If you are a rental company and you need to introduce high quality products into your range, Palazzani is for you.

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