One Palazzani crawler Spider Lift goes to Puglia (Southern Italy)

One Palazzani crawler Spider Lift XTJ 43+ has just arrived in Salento (Puglia)

One Palazzani crawler Spider Lift XTJ 43+ has just arrived in Salento (Puglia), a place known worldwide for its breathtaking beaches and wild dancing. Purchased by the Salento Crane & Logistic company, thanks to the intermediation of the Agent, Antonino Chiazzese.

XTJ43+ is belongs to the Plus Series models, the most innovative technology transferred to a crawler platform. Its Can Bus system transfers digital signals to a variable displacement pump that allows fluid and millimetric movements with an simultaneity which was unknown until now in this sector.

These features, combined with a precise and reliable software, allow to obtain remote assistance, remote self-diagnosis and constant and precise monitoring of the machine status and life, with consequent and profitable advantages for the user. These innovative systems can be used from PCs, Smartphones and Tablets as from any internet access point, applied to all XTJ range from 37 meters upwards.

<< The XTJ43 + is very useful for our Company to perform the maintenance of all the mobile telephonic infrastructures present in the area, because it allows to go to the narrowest and most difficult streets and reach all points of the typical historical centers of Salento >> affirm the Technicians of Salento Crane & Logistic technicians, with satisfaction.