One XTJ 32/C ECO Spider for DECA Srl 

the first Spider XTJ 32/C  ECO (AC+DC) lithium battery powered was delivered to Lazio region, in Italy

Un Ragno XTJ 32/C ECO con batterie al litio per la D.E.C.A. S.r.l.

Thanks to N.G. AIR S.r.l., the well‐established Partner and official dealer of Palazzani, the first Spider XTJ 32/C  ECO (AC+DC) lithium battery powered was delivered to Lazio region, in Italy.
The Company purchasing the machine is D.E.C.A. S.r.l., specialized in rental business green services and  environmental activities with public and private Companies for green areas maintenance and care.  This power option is quite unusual for Italian market where the operator generally works with diesel engine.  

Mr. Roberto Gentilezza, the Sales Manager of N.G. AIR, interviewed Mr. Emilio Campoli, the Technical Manager  of D.E.C.A., who states that:

“I chose RAGNO XTJ 32 for two main reasons: first of all because the Palazzani  Spider is unique and innovative on the market and because it keeps its excellent performance also by lithium  batteries instead of the diesel engine. The second reason, which is also very important for us, is the after‐sale  service: thanks to LIFT SERVICE, the authorized workshop, with whom I have been collaborating for at least 20  years, I am sure I get a sharp and effective support service”

But the question is: why a Company working purely in the open air has chosen an ECO (AC+DC) platform and  why lithium battery? The answer is simple:

“The philosophy of our Company leads to use friendly‐environment  machines and only Palazzani is able to guarantee a product with this technology.” says proudly Mr. Campoli.  “The ECO power means completely electric, without diesel engine, with zero emissions in the air. Regarding the  lithium batteries choice, it is again a matter of environmental sustainability, since these batteries have no  pollution and easy to be disposed of, but also because lithium batteries requires less maintenance and grant  greater durability”