Palazzani Industrie will be at Bauma 2019 with some important news

Stand n° 907 A/1 in outdoor area FS

Palazzani Industrie will be at Bauma 2019 with some important news

There are great news on the way to be launched at BAUMA Munich 2019.

Palazzani R&D Department is working on the designing of two new machines, aiming to impress all visitors. The first news is a new model of Spider Lift. It is a very interesting medium/high size machine with telescopic boom and telescopic flying jib, entering the existing large range from 17 to 52 m on 2019 and available in both Crawler and Wheel.

Hi-Tech news on the new model of Palazzani Ragno

The new model incorporates several high-tech new features, to get the new Spider Lift:

  • Smart and simple Telematics allows the man-machine interconnection for all operations and information regarding fleet management, as well as troubleshooting and preventive maintenance. Palazzani has developed a Palconnect kit, based on cloud technology, to apply to the machine as an optional Rental fleet owners or operators will be able to localize the unit through the gps, track driving routes, create job site parameters and receive information, reports and inspections alerts simply from a smartphone, tablet or pc.
  • Fast, extremely smooth and sharp New proportional hydraulic distributor in CAN-BUS technology, a jump ahead in performance.
    The operator will experience a real active “feeling” among all functions, outstanding performances and top safety in every movement. Better maneuver sensibility, which translates to a better comfort for the operator and energy saving: a 30% faster machine in respect to the usual distributors means 30% time and fuel costs saving.
  • Light, robust and stable during aerial works The telescopic boom is made in high strength steel “Strenx” and designed with a new and innovative shape to grant lightness and structural strength.
  • Stow dimensions designed to be short, compact and below 2 meters height in transfer position, to go everywhere
  • Easy to be used with the Return to home funcion

The new model will be immediately available on both Crawler and Wheel version and Bi-energy (diesel+AC) standard power option, as well as ECO and hybrid power option with all possible battery choice (lithium, gel and lead-acid).

Standard equipment and functional attachments of last generation

The machine will include, of course, all successful features of Palazzani last generation machines, such as:

  • Compactness and lightness
  • Display with integrated diagnostic system
  • Simple to use thanks to the diagnostic support provided with the multi-language touchscreen Perfect for end users and rental business, improving safety and operator understanding
  • Excellent aerial working performances
  • Important height and outreach.
  • Simplicity to use thanks to the automatic limiting system.The working area automatically adapts to the position of the stabilizers and the load in the basket without any intervention from the customer and granting an important outreach all over 360°
  • 3 working area as optional 120, 230 and 330 kg
  • Spider crane mode possibility to replace the cage with the optional hydraulic winch to lift materials in total autonomy from other machineries need. Introduction of automatic pipes connection/disconnection device, to release the cage in few minutes
  • Important cage dimensions 2400x70x110 cm perfect comfort for 1 to 3 operators in the cage, with innovative hydraulic fixed controls able to move 1 to 4 movements
  • Anti-collision device as optional this is an innovative system of lasers and ultrasensors to alert and stop boom movements to prevent from dangerous crashes

Palazzani has decided to keep the data reserved to unveil the news to Bauma visitors.

At our stand will be present also some of Palazzani earth moving machines, exposed models will be reveal in the next news.