GIS 2021 GIS 2021 GIS 2021 GIS 2021

The pandemic has hardly hit many sectors, but finally, after almost two years of lockdowns, the exhibitions start again!

In October, there’s a great attention and expectations for the eighth edition of GIS, the only Italian event, dedicated to the users of cranes, mobile cranes, aerial work platforms, telehandlers, forklift trucks, overhead travelling cranes, port & industrial handling equipment and heavy transport.

The fair will be held in Piacenza from 7th to 9th October 2021 and it’s so specific and relevant that it attracts more and more International visitors too every year.

Palazzani will show an interesting range of models on its stand:

  • XTJ 52+ Spider Lift with telescopic boom and telescopic flying jib
    The Star of our stand will undoubtedly be the Spider Lift XTJ 52+, the top range model which will impress as always our visitors with its 52 meters of maximum working height, 19.50 meters outreach and a capacity of 400 kg.

This model is highly appreciated not only for the above mentioned data, but also for the fast and sharp movements at any height and without rear obstructions.

The variable articulation of the feet multiplies the set-ups, especially in narrow positions. This is important to work everywhere.

The machine is equipped with the "Area manager system" for automatic adjust of the outreaches, according to stabilization and load (120/230/400 kg) over all 660 ° turntable rotation. This allow the operator to work very easily and in total safety.

A hydraulic winch (500 kg or 980 kg) is interchangeable with the cage. This diversify the applications of this Spider Lifts very much.

This model is also available on wheels and with electric operation, with batteries to satisfy any need for every application.

  • TSJ 30.1 with the new HYBRID2 system – Spider lift with telescopic boom and flying jib
    GIS will be the occasion for visitors to see the new Hybrid2 system. TSJ 30.1, with 30 meters w/g, 13 meters outreach model with a capacity of 230 kg, is displayed in the new Palazzani system called HYBRID2, a trifunctional engine that will be explained during the event.


  • XTJ 37+ with the new extendable tracks feature Spider Lift with telescopic boom and telescopic flying jib
    The Palazzani stand will guest also the XTJ 37, with the new "extendable tracks" for granting full stability over uneven grounds. This model reaches 37 meters of max w/h, an outreach of 15.70 meters and a capacity of 330 kg. It’s a model of great success for many applications, most of all in rental business.
  • TZX 225 Spider Lift with double articulated and telescopic booms
    Another model displayed in the stand will be TZX 225, with 22.5 meters of max w/h, 10.25 meters outreach and a capacity of 200 kg. The Spider Lift which impress for its extremely low weight of just 2.3 tons.
  • RPG 2900 Mini crane
    Our RPG 2900 Mini Crane will also be at the stand. This Mini crane has 2.9 tons of lifting capacity at 1.5 meters offering the highest levels of performance currently in the market.


With all these juicy news, we can't wait to meet you all!

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