Restoration in Rome at church of St. Ignatius of Loyola performed by Palazzani Ragno!

A nice story from Giffi Noleggi, the Italian Rental Company proposing Palazzani Spiders

The location of the story is a beautiful Church built in Baroque style between 1626 and 1650, composed by a Latin cross plan with numerous side chapels. The Corinthian pilasters that rings the entire interior, the theatrical focus on the high altar at the rear of the broad eastern apse, the church's coloured marbles, animated stucco figural relief, richly ornamented altars, extensive gilding, and bold Tromp l’oeil paintings in the "dome" at its crossing and in the nave ceiling all produce a festive, sumptuous effect and need periodical maintenance and restoration.

“It was morning, in Rome, and the doors of Church of St. Ignatius of Loyola at Campus Martius, opened to allow the entrance of RAGNO TSJ 25. The dimensions of the Spider were perfect. Just the time to create a support to avoid the boom touching the high side of the entrance, and the Spider lifted the stairs and entered the Church

Once entered the Church, we lift and start doing the restoration. TSJ 25 moves easily among the pews, without noise thanks to the electric motor. The stabilizer free set-up with multiple combinations, as well as the jib articulation helped to finish the restorations with the due precision but without problems

The Spider lift Ragno confirms its efficiency indeed for this kind of interventions and, thanks to its easy usability and reliability it is the right machine to rent”.