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RPG 2900

Palazzani technology applied to Mini Cranes

Only 730 mm wide and with a weight of 2.900 kg, it is the perfect machine to operate in the narrowest and most inaccessible areas. Agile and powerful, it lifts over 2.9 tons with a telescopic boom of 8.7 meters for 12.5 meters of maximum height at the hook. 2.9 tons/meter, the maximum levels of performance of its category.

RPG 2900
Capacità 2,9t x 1,5m
Angolo braccio min 0° - max 80°
Altezza 9,5 m
Sbraccio 8,7 m
Negativo - 53 m with 1000 kg load
Lunghezza mimina braccio min 2,5 m - max 8.7 m
Sfili 5
Rotazione Endless
RPG 2900