Ragno XTJ 37+ with winch

Ragno XTJ 37+ is a narrow and compact Spider lift, either for driving and set-up, and it can work with simple and direct movements, with zero tail swing. The working areas are monitored by the automatic “area manager” system. The set-up is automatic and 2 positions are available for each stabilizer. The rotation of the turret of 660° is possible under any set-up condition. It is the best solution for rental, ideal for construction and telecommunications.

Capacity 500 kg
Lifting height 36,00 m
Outreach 12,70 m

Available model version:

Discover the available basket capacitys:

AC + Battery




  • “Return to home” function

  • 3rd Work area

  • Additional plates

  • Anemometer

  • Basket anti-collision kit

  • Cages of different sizes

  • Castors under the cage

  • Customized colours

  • Electric generator

  • Hydraulic winch 500 kg

  • Kit Palconnect

  • Led headlight

  • Gancio di sollevamento al posto del cesto

    Lifting hook in place of the basket

  • Non-marking tracks

  • Pedal to the cage

  • Protection of pruners

  • Quick pipes coupling kit for hydraulic winch 500/980 kg

  • Touchscreen monitor in the cage

  • Winch installation kit 500kg

Customers reviews

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
It was the car that was missing in our fleet, since the small size and high performance make it an irreplaceable work partner that finds its optimal destination in the narrow streets of Rome and in this construction sites where other machinery could not operate.



★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I have always been an admirer of Palazzani machines but, the news on the XTJ 37+ model are really many and useful not to be taken into account.