Apex Show has reconfirmed its importance of global showcase focused on technological and engineering developments applied to the aerial lifting industry

An appointment that Palazzani Industrie S.p.A. hasn’t miss to attend, to show their Spider Platform.

This is the typical exhibition not visited by big quantities of people, but by experts and customers interested specifically in this kind of equipment.

This is the event Palazzani decided to launch RAGNO TZ 330, the new Spider model, with Articulated Boom.

The characteristics of TZ 330 were communicated only during the Show and wondered Palazzani Dealers and visitors, being a machine with a totally different boom philosophy in respect of the other models of the range. The introduction of TZ 330 in a range of telescopic Spiders aims to complete even more the very wide series of machines Palazzani offers to its customers and to cover an even wider range of applications.

Ragno TZ 330, which is already receiving a lot of interest, will enter in production in the coming months.

Palazzani Industrie S.p.A. And his staff thanks again all its visitors!