TSJ 39/C with hydraulic winch of 500 kg working for Palma Noleggio

Tivoli has an historical centre near Rome, known for its richness of history and monuments crossing the Roman and Middle Age to Renaissance and Modern Age

This characteristic created a town structure of narrow streets and spaces, where access is very difficult.

This is the typical working site of Palazzani Spiders, which was chosen for an intervention to handle and install laminated wood beams, thanks to its stowed dimensions and lightness, capacity to adapt to every ground, double power Diesel + AC and versatility.

Ragno TSJ 39/C, equipped with hydraulic winch, was used also as a crane lifting 500 kg, as shown in this nice video done during the whole intervention.

Palazzani thanks the Rental Company Palma Noleggio in Rome which kindly provided this precious stuff.

Palma Group operates in construction sector for over 30 years, replying the market constantly evolving needs. With the purchase of new machinery, the rental fleet has been constantly integrated most of all with working equipment like cranes, Aerial Platforms of different sizes, Spider Lifts, hoists, fixed scaffolding, etc.