Two Palazzani Spider Lifts on wheel for the very new Xiqu Center – Hong Kong

The Xiqu Centre is the first major performing arts venue and the prestigious new home for traditional Chinese opera in the West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong.

Due Ragno in versione ruote per il nuovissimo Xiqu Center – Hong Kong Due Ragno in versione ruote per il nuovissimo Xiqu Center – Hong Kong Due Ragno in versione ruote per il nuovissimo Xiqu Center – Hong Kong Due Ragno in versione ruote per il nuovissimo Xiqu Center – Hong Kong

Xiqu Centre is a world-class performance venue that respectfully embraces the cultural richness of Chinese opera within a magnificent contemporary expression, making it accessible to new audiences and future generations as it continues to thrive and evolve with modern technology. The eight-storey building has a total area of 28,164 sq m and houses a Grand Theatre, accommodating 1073 seats. Flanked by two outdoor sky gardens offering visitors panoramic views of Victoria Harbour, the elevated theatre creates space beneath for a 200-seat Tea House theatre, rehearsal studios, education and administrative spaces, lecture rooms and retail areas overlooking the naturally-ventilated inner courtyard.

An innovative building with curvilinear path and forms

The building’s striking design, created by Revery Architecture (formerly Bing Thom Architects) and Ronald Lu & Partners, was inspired by traditional Chinese lanterns and blends traditional and contemporary elements to reflect the evolving nature of the art form. Stepping through the main entrance, shaped to resemble parted stage curtains, visitors are led directly into a lively atrium with a raised podium and space for presenting the rich and ancient culture of Chinese traditional theatre.
A unique feature of the venue is the location of the Grand Theatre at the top of the building, which allows for a large open atrium below with space for exhibitions, stalls, and xiqu demonstrations and workshops.

Two Palazzani Spider Lifts on wheels for the maintenance  

One RAGNO TSJ 27/R and one RAGNO XTJ 43/R have just been delivered to Xiqu Centre in January by Proficiency Industrial Product, Palazzani Dealer in HK.  The machines of respectively 27 and 43 meters of max w/h will perform indoor/outdoor cleaning and maintenance of the entire building. Their lightness (only 4580 kg and 10900 kg), stowed dimensions and wheel version allow them to easily transfer everywhere with great maneuverability and narrow turning radius, without damaging the delicate floors. The machines can work indoor or outdoor, thanks to the Bi-energy power option (diesel engine + AC electric motor). All operations are fulfilled in total safety, also thanks to the optional innovative anti-collision system mounted on the basket: laser sensors and ultrasonic sensors in all basket sides that prevent the basket to crash against any obstacles by alerting and stopping the machine.