Plat Service was born in Chieti, center of Italy, as a workshop and over the years it has developed a commercial sector able to offer specialized technical support on Aerial Platforms, Telehandlers and Excavators. The company is able to carry out and perform accurate research of malfunctions, repairs of damaged parts and all kinds of faults, as well as complete reviews for all types of damaged vehicles.

Thanks to the Mobile Workshop service, Plat Service also guarantees fast reparations in any place or situation, minimizing the inconvenience of the customer.

The experience, the passion, the dynamism and the high professionalism of the Technicians distinguish this Company from Chieti.

On the other hand, innovation and high quality characterize Palazzani Industrie products and this is the reason why Plat Service has recently purchased a tracked Spider Lift Palazzani TSJ 23.1, with 500kg hydraulic winch.

The TSJ 23.1 Spider Lift reaches a maximum height of 22.3 meters and an outreach of 10.20 meters, offering 250 kg of maximum capacity in the basket.

The Spider Lift was exhibited at the 60th national agricultural fair, held in Lanciano (center of Italy), from 20th to 22nd last May, a historic exhibition dedicated to construction and earth moving.

Plat Service has received some important feedback from Companies in the construction sector, attracted above all by the versatility of the machine, as well as by the 500kg hydraulic winch option that allows the platform to perform various jobs in the most different fields of application.

The fair proved to be an excellent meeting point between customers and sales people in the construction market, with a large audience stimulated, among other things, by Italian construction super bonuses.

At the end of the fair, the TSJ 23.1 Spider was delivered to an important customer who immediately put it to work, confirming that he was fully satisfied with the performance.

Big thanks to Francesco and Claudio, owners and partners of the Plat Service Company, for the excellent success and response of the fair.

Two other Spiders Lifts, XTJ 32 and TZX 250, will be supplied to the Chieti-based Company shortly, ready to be delivered to other important customers.