Palazzani industrie is always a step forward, we pay attention to the product at 360 °, from construction quality, to design, communication and environment. For decades we have been offering electric and hybrid Spider Lifts that have evolved over the years, in order to be more sustainable and attentive to the changing needs of all markets.

This is why we are pleased to announce the latest news from Palazzani: a colour for each power.

Customization is one of our strong points, the customer’s need to maintain the corporate colours of the brand or simply the desire to choose the colour of their machine.

Colour has a great impact on the final product and it be that extra detail to make a Spider Lift recognizable and unique.

Our products can have up to three available basket capacitys for each model: bi-energy (Diesel and AC), eco (AC+lithium Battery) or hybrid (Diesel+AC+lithium Battery). For this reason we have decided to associate each colour with an engine, to make them more recognizable.

Bi-energy is the standard basket capacity and therefore it is now associated with red and white, which are Palazzani standard colours.

Eco is the green basket capacity with zero emissions and therefore it is now associated with green and white colours.

Finally, Hybrid is the basket capacity that allows to use the machine without the domestic source, and it is now associated with the blue and white colours.

In the future, when you’ll see a Palazzani Spider Lift, you’ll be able to immediately recognize its basket capacity just by a glance.