Poland, located in the heart of Europe and characterized by a temperate climate, has an extremely varied morphology. To the south there are the mountain ranges of the Sudetes, among the oldest on our continent, and the Carpathians. The central area of ​​the country is occupied by the great plains, while the sandy beaches of the Baltic Sea unfold to the north.

Operating in this area is not easy and the work that must be carried out with aerial platforms requires experience, reliability, and high performance.

Lift 24 is a family company specialized in the AWP rental business. The company mission is to offer its customers the safest solutions.

In recent years, the Polish market has seen an exponential growth in demand for aerial platforms.

Lift 24 have not hesitated to respond to the demand of the market and of its customers, and immediately started looking for the best platforms to place on the local market. First of all, it carried out an accurate and careful market analysis, also visiting Ragni Palazzani customers who have been successfully operating in Poland for years.

Therefore, Mr Marcin Loski (CEO) and Mr Lukasz Krycia (Sales Director) decided to contact and visit Palazzani Industrie “We were immediately struck by the solidity of the company, which has demonstrated the seriousness, reliability and quality of its products right from the start” declares Mr. Krycia.

LIFT 24 decided to become Palazzani Dealers because “Spiders give longer booms and have better work ranges” continues Mr. Krycia, “They are unrivaled in difficult terrain. In addition, Palazzani is a company with traditions and great experience”. The first words of the owner LIFT24 after 30 minutes of their test on Palazzani Spider: “unrivaled smoothness of movements and a very high sense of security. When you are looking for the best solutions, you will always find Palazzani”.

Mr Krycia shares their marketing plans with us “We listen to our clients. This is our power, good contact with the clients. When our machines start working in rent, the next step will be fairs. The best marketing is provided by machines that work by customers.”

LIFT 24 will in fact show Palazzani Spider Lifts during the Exhibition “Warsaw Construction Expo” from 30.09.2021 to 02.10.2021.

“When you are looking for the best solutions, you will always find Palazzani”.

We will keep on working hard, ready to satisfy the needs of a new market!