this is how Palazzani Industrie reacts to expensive bills

Palazzani Industrie has decided to award all its workers – permanent employees, fixed-term contracts, apprentices – with an extra bonus of € 1.600,00.
“We are a Company that has been operating in Franciacorta for several decades – explained Davide Palazzani (the Company Chairman) – we are not isolated from our territory, on the contrary we are a part of it. This is the reason why we want to make a difference and support the people who work with us in this difficult moment of general economic crisis and inflactions.
We know that many Companies work hard and help their employees to overcome difficulties. We face challenges every day and we have decided to support our Team even more. We are aware of the higher costs that all families have to bear, both in bills and in everyday expenses.”
The bonus we’ve awarded consists of € 300,00 available on a Welfare platform and € 1.300,00 between vouchers and/ or reimbursement of household utilities.