a very important award

Bergamo and Brescia are the Italian Capitals of Culture 2023, a very important award and an exceptional occasion for the two cities of Northern Italy to offer many cultural events, projects and activities for their visitors all over the year. The nomination of the two cities located in Lombardy region arose from the need to recognize their suffering and resilience during the Covid-19 pandemic, during which they were particularly affected, and to support them with a revitalization action in which culture is catalyst for innovations and visions in the most diverse areas of coexistence. The dossier presented for the Italian capital of culture focuses on the theme of “the illuminated city”, the symbol of the light-city, a point of reference and leadership.
The project is developed on four thematic macro-areas: culture as a cure, the city of nature, the city of hidden treasures, the city that invents, around which there will be a rich programme of events, organized in collaboration with public and private organizations, such as meetings and conferences, arts competitions, exhibitions, music and theatre festivals, the creation of nature trails, actions to raise awareness among children of environmental sustainability, sporting events and finally infrastructural interventions to improve accessibility to the many cultural places.

Palazzani Industrie S.p.A.

Palazzani Industrie, located right in the heart of Franciacorta, in province of Brescia, lived and overcame that dramatic period with the utmost commitment, through smart working and digital communication not to lose contact with its customers all over the world. Today, three years after the Pandemic, we keep on believing in the Ragno Spider product, supporting technological choices for our machines. All our spiders are produced in our Company and we personally ensure, through careful testing, the safety of the product that our customer will use.
Many of our dealers and customers visit us, to understand the production process of the machine they are going to purchase and operate, as well as to familiarize with courses for technicians. There can’t be a better time to come and visit us, combining a company visit with the discovery of our territory, the hills and the beautiful wine cellars of Franciacorta, the splendid lakes of Iseo and Garda, the nearby Alps, and all the historical and monumental richness of the center of Brescia with the numerous events that will be held throughout the Capital of Culture programme of 2023!

Here are some of the events that will be held in the Brescia and Bergamo areas:

Events 2023