How many times have you given up a job because of the too irregular and uneven ground? Not to mention those hateful roads that prevent the machines to transfer.

Palazzani Spider Lifts are available on crawlers and on wheels, but for sure the crawler version is the most common one, because of the versatility and stability during transfer on every type of ground.

At this point, the question is: wide or narrow tracks? Why not both? Palazzani offers this solution, included now in most of all Palift range.

After having collected various feedback and requests from the customers, Palazzani has decided to study and to finally include the extendable tracks option also on the XTJ 37+ model.

Palazzani is always attentive to the market feedback and different needs according to the applications, with openness and a spirit of continuous improvement. The Spider Lift XTJ 37+ is now performing great even in the most extreme contexts, in total safety, agility and stability, expanding its range of applications and relieving the operator from all those thoughts related to the terrain, narrow spaces and instability.

The large tracks allow the operator to transfer stable and safe with a still compact machine of 1500 mm width. This configuration also allows the truck loading and unloading with ramps in maximum safety.

On the other hand, the narrow tracks are a must to overcome the common difficult passages in indoor jobs (doors, corridors, etc.) with the maximum compactness of 1200 mm.

Another feature to highlight on the XTJ 37+ is the “back to home” option which, combined with the anti-collision system on the cage, provides 360 ° full protection to the operator.

If you also work in an area with rough terrain or narrow entrances, do not hesitate to contact us, our Staff will analyze your case to provide you with the best solution.