the Tuscan company

Edil Bonaccorso was founded as a construction company for the renovation and construction of buildings in housing. Over the years, after gaining professionalism in the field, Bonaccorso has focused its activity on the use of aerial platforms to perform construction work on facades and roofs and terraces.

The Tuscan company is aimed at interventions, including urgent ones, for repairs of gutters and dangerous objects from roofs, removal and restoration of plaster and masonry parts on building facades.

Professionalism, versatile and efficient means, punctuality and quality of service are elements that distinguish Edil Bonaccorso. Bonaccorso’s activities are considered niche because they are extremely specialized and require means and skills of a certain level. That is why the company has a carefully selected fleet of machines.

The choice of the Ragno XTJ 52+

Among the aerial platforms, appears the Ragno Palazzani XTJ 52+ purchased in 2021 and since then always at work thanks to the interchangeable winch that allows it to do more types of work.

Andrea Bonaccorso says, “We purchased the Ragno XTJ 52+ out of necessity as it is a unique platform capable of reaching 52 meters even in narrow and cramped spaces while maintaining the peculiarities of compactness stability and safety.” In addition, Andrea continues, “We chose Palazzani because of the company’s seriousness and the high quality of its products.”

As Bonaccorso says, the Ragno XTJ 52+ is always at work, this is thanks to the interchangeable winch, which is indispensable for all the activities carried out by the company such as: monitoring of historical companies, renovation works for cathedrals, maintenance and work in places with difficult access and significant heights.

XTJ 52+ In fact, it is capable of reaching 52 meters in height, has an outreach of 19.5 meters with a load capacity of 400 kg. In addition, XTJ 52+ offers an outstanding working diagram, quick and precise movements at any height. The area manager system adjusts outreach automatically, depending on stabilization and load (120/230/400 kg), always allowing 660° rotation, making it extremely easy to operate. It is the best solution for rental, ideal for site work, exterior and interior maintenance works, and restoration.

The loyalty

Andrea says he would suggest Palazzani’s products because, Palazzani’s products are good and it is evident from the quality and technology used in manufacturing. In addition, the Spiders are very versatile allowing them to operate in any condition always safely and ensuring excellent work.”

Finally, Andrea concludes, “One thing not to be taken for granted was definitely the extremely positive experience with the sales and service staff who always responded promptly and thoroughly.”

For us, there is no better thing than seeing our customers happy and fulfilled in using our products.

Their satisfaction is also ours, which is why we strive every day to provide you with the highest work thanks to the interchangeable winch that allows for more types of work.

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