Prato, a Tuscan city located in the Italian region Tuscany, near Florence, holds many places of interest.

City of contemporary art par excellence thanks to the Pecci Center, the center of contemporary culture coordination and development of the region.

In this area there is a notable presence of works of art, historic streets and buildings that require continuous maintenance and restoration to maintain their beauty and historicity.

Pratonoleggi a Company involved in buildings construction sector was founded in prato on 2001. Russo family had a long tradition in the construction sector in Prato and in late nineties they felt the need to diversify their business to achieve new markets.

They’ve started to invest and focus on AWP, to perform works that previously required the installation of scaffolding. Pratonoleggi is involved now both in the traditional construction activity and in the activity with AWPs. The choice has been successful, and the Company is full of trust towards the future, convinced that AWP will play a growing important role in their city.

Of course the Ragno (Spider Lift by Palazzani) cannot be missing from the range of platforms.

The first Spider to be purchased was a TSJ 34 which, as Mr. Antonio, owner of the company, declares, “The TSJ 34 Spider has always done an excellent job, immediately proving to be a high level quality, technological and manufactured machine skilled in the movements”

Over the years, the construction sector has seen the development of more high buildings, therefore Pratonoleggi decided to purchase of a new Palazzani Ragno. The chosen model is XTJ 52+, with a 980 kg winch. This spider can reach 52 meters in height, an outreach of 19.50 meters and a capacity of 400 kg.

The movements are quick and accurate at any height and with zero tailswing
Variable positions for each outrigger leg offer multiple set-up configurations, especially on the narrow position.
It is equipped with the “Area manager system” which automatically adjusts the outreach, depending on the stabilization and load (120/230/400 kg), allowing rotation on 660 °. A 500 and 980 kg hydraulic winch is interchangeable with the aerial cage. Available also on wheels and with DC « ECO » power pack.

XTJ 52+ will be used for purely construction work, “We can’t wait to see this colossus at work between the Tuscan streets and buildings” Mr. Antonio says “it will undoubtedly live up together its long-time partner, the TSJ 34. ”

We just have to wish our Spider a good trip and see him in action among the Tuscan villages.

If you need advice in the construction sector, do not hesitate to contact our staff, they will dedicate attention and time to choose the best model for your needs.