The ninth edition of the GIS – Italian Days of Lifting and Transport held from 5 to 7 October 2023 in Piacenza has just ended.

We were present outdoor with five Spider Lifts: TZX 225, TSJ 23.1, TSJ 35.1, TSJ 39 and TTZJ 58. This year it has been a real success: there were so many visitors, not only Italian, we presented the largest spider in the world and we won the “Best product of the year” award at the Italplatform. What more could you ask for?

During the exhibition we had the opportunity to meet our most loyal customers whom we had both networking and friendly moments and many new ones, answering their every curiosity and transmitting our company philosophy to.

Delivery of the tallest spider in the world

Delivery of the tallest spider in the world

Along with the inauguration of the fair, we revealed the new entry in the Palazzani range during a “World Premiere” event held on Thursday 5 October at 10 am. We are talking about the Ragno Palift TTZJ 58, the largest in the world!

Following the opening of Fabio Potestà, Manager of Mediapoint & Exhibition, we handed over the symbolic keys of the first TTZJ 5

8 to Mr. Corrado Casiraghi of Tecman, an Italian company specialized in AWP and cranes renting which believed in our new project.

We are very satisfied and honored to be here for this world premiere – states Casiraghi – Palazzani is a point of reference for us, we have practically their entire product range in our fleet. We embraced the project right from the start, as soon as we saw the first drawings and technical data sheet, it immediately fascinated us. Starting from the height obviously, but also the dimensions, which have remained stowed, as well as the weights and optimal transport configurations“.

Casiraghi continues – “The challenges that this machine will face will be many, from the civil to the industrial and the telecoms applications. We have no doubt that this Spider Lift will live up to our expectations, like the other ones“.

Winning the Award at the ITALPLATFORM 2023Winning the Award at the ITALPLATFORM AWARDS 2023

During the first day of GIS Expo, we have been awarded at the Italplatform event – Italian Access Platform Awards – with our great amazement, we received the “Product of the year Crawler Spider sector” award for our Ragno TTZJ 58!

For Palazzani Industrie it was a very important milestone, and we dedicate it to all those who allowed the realization of this project and to those who have always supported us.

Fabio Potestà rewarded us by stating “The Palazzani TTZJ 58 self-propelled telescopic spider platform conquers the record of being the largest in the world, in its category. Compact proportions, very high-quality materials and extraordinary operational flexibility – with a up and over of 30 meters – make the top of the Palazzani range (with Bi-energy basket capacity) the ideal solution for complex interventions on infrastructures, roofs and coverings, photovoltaic systems, antennas, wind turbines and in many other operational contexts“.

Spiders present in GIS

In addition to the Spider Lift TTZJ 58, four other Spider Lifts models were present at the stand:

Ragno TSJ 39Spider TSJ 39

Ragno TSJ 39 bi-energy is a Spider lift equipped with automatic, simple and quick set-up. The structure is robust and guarantees stable aerial set-up, comfort in the cage as well as fast transfer even on strong slopes. Available on tracks and wheels and with electric battery operation. It is ideal for landscaping and indoor-outdoor maintenance.

Ragno TZX 225Spider TSJ 35.1

Ragno TSJ 35.1 bi-energy is a narrow and stowed Spider lift, either for driving and set-up, and it operates with simple and direct movements, with zero tail swing. Thanks to the telescopic sectioned boom and the longest fixed articulated jib in the range, it offers high outreach performance even at important heights. The robust structure offers stability and comfort in the cage as well as fast transfers even on steep slopes. It is the best rental solution, ideal for restoration.

Ragno TSJ 23.1Spider TSJ 23.1

Ragno TSJ 23.1 bi-energy has stowed dimensions, low weight and adjustable tracks, for greater stability during transfer. The use is simple and intuitive, thanks to the outreach automatic limiting system and diagnostic touch-screen monitor. The multi-telescopic main boom, in high-strength steel, and the articulated upper jib offer maximum aerial agility at every height with zero tailswing. It is ideal for work in confined spaces, where the required weight is limited, such as construction and external and internal maintenance works.

Ragno TZX 225Spider TZX 225

As representative of small spiders we have the Spider TZX 225 bi-energy, a versatile Spider lift, able to operate on soft terrain and delicate floors, thanks to the non-marking tracks supplied. The set-up is double and easy in restricted areas; each articulated aluminum arm is equipped with a double telescopic extension for maximum aerial agility. Low weight and stowed dimensions, it is ideal for indoor and outdoor maintenancelandscaping and restoration.

The ninth edition of the GIS Expo fair was an unexpected success! Three busy days, full of emotions for the entire Palazzani team who strive every day to overcome new challenges and satisfy the needs of all customers.

We can’t wait to see you again at GIS 2025!