On May 26th we joined the second edition of “IPAF ANCH’IO”, the most important, totally paper free event of the year dedicated to safety in Italy.

The event took place at Regency Hotel in Bologna and it was an opportunity for meeting and networking among IPAF Members, Training Centres, Aerial Platforms Manufacturers, Rental Companies and Distributors.

The visitors had the opportunity to see products and equipment as well as to attend interesting debates about the most current themes of lifting sector, stopped by several short networking breaks.

There were many interesting technical and commercial interventions, mainly focusing on the statistical accidents frequency and danger.

Davide Maino, Chief Technical Officer of Palazzani Industrie made a technical innovation regarding life-saving safety devices.

Following a deep analysis of accidents, it was found that the third cause of serious injuries is due by entrapment / crushing.

“An operator hitting a fixed structure is often unable to stop the dangerous movement in time.” Engineer Maino said.

“The analysis of the accidents has suggested that the best position for the emergency stop push button is not always the one closest to the operator,” continues Davide “and consequently we have added an emergency stop further than the control panel and within the operator and passengers “arm’s reach”” ended the Engineer.

Is it an innovative technology? It is surely not; in Palazzani we can do better. But for safety we believe that the way of thinking must be innovative first of all, for “easy” things as well: analyzing, understanding, improving in small and nonstop steps day after day. If this saves even just one life, it will be our biggest success.