Palazzani will be a sponsor at IPAF Switzerland 2023

Palazzani, a leader in the aerial platform industry, will be a “Gold sponsor” of the IPAF Switzerland 2023 event. The event, dedicated to training and safety in the use of aerial platforms, will be held on September 15, 2023 in Fiesch, Switzerland.

Focus on Systems Training and Upgrading

IPAF Switzerland 2023 will address a range of topics related to systems training and updating, with a special focus on how to promote quality training in the industry. Experts will share knowledge and best practices “behind the scenes” of IPAF training, providing a unique opportunity to learn from industry specialists. The 40th anniversary of IPAF will also be celebrated on the occasion.

IPAF Switzerland Awards

At the end of the information sessions, there will be an aperitif followed by the IPAF Switzerland Awards, where key players in occupational safety will be recognized and certified.
The day will end with a dinner to celebrate successes and foster connection among participants.

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