Optional: lifting hook

Optional: lifting hook

Palazzani Industrie, which has always been attentive to the versatility of its products, Ragno, in addition to the already well-known hydraulic winch, offers an alternative accessory, with a simple and fast assembly system: the lifting hook instead of the basket.

In some working scenarios, such as construction sites or maintenance interventions, it can be requested to lift loads and materials of a certain weight with just the movement of the boom and with little time available to do the job. Thanks to the lifting hook, this operation is possible in total safety!

What are its advantages

What are its advantages

The main advantage of this accessory undoubtedly lies in the ability to transform in a few moments and without the use of particular equipment an aerial platform with basket into a Spider with the function of a mobile crane, capable of lifting interesting loads, such as materials buildings or antennas. The lifting hook has a max capacity range from 270 to 310 kg according to the Spider Lift model.

In fact, the replacement of the basket with the lifting hook has been specifically designed to be carried out simply, quickly and safely by the operator. Precisely for this reason this option is particularly suitable for those who need to lift materials within their own work site and need to easily go from spider lift to spider crane. The use of the lifting hook instead of the basket is the ideal alternative solution for carrying out material lifting operations quickly and safely.

Work in total safety

To ensure a safe working environment during lifting, it is essential that operators acquire a thorough understanding of the specifications relating to the outreach, the required height and the load to be lifted before starting any activity.

This information must be carefully verified and aligned with the working diagramme reported in the reference manual, to avoid to exceed the maximum load, since in the event of overload, the movements of the platform will be inhibited, requiring the execution of safety procedures to unload the lifted weight and returned within the permitted limits.

To use the lifting hook instead of the basket, the operator must carefully follow the assembly instructions described in the supplied manual. The process consists of a few simple steps and involves the rapid disassembly of the people basket through the fixing system, followed by the assembly of the hook support plate.

If you also find yourself in this type of situation, the lifting hook instead of the basket is the one for you!

To find out more about the characteristics of this optional and which Ragni can be applied to, do not hesitate to contact us!