Recently, the Companies Tim Inwit and Vodafone Tower joined together to form the largest tower company in Italy and the second in Europe with over 22,000 towers to radiate the network signal, in view of the spread of 5G in the Country.

Vodafone Tower is the company that is managing towers, pylons, poles and technological systems to allow Telecom Italy to supply the mobile telephone service.

The European community is pushing nations to implement the spread of 5 G quickly since it will give a very strong boost to the tower installation and maintenance business.

In addition, 5G has created a strong demand in the market for towers assembly and maintenance equipment and machinery. 5G antennas are minimum 25 to 450 meters high.

Palazzani Industrie, the manufacturer of high-tech machinery, has always provided solutions to this application since the beginning, designing spider/crane platforms able to meet the most demanding specific needs.

A strong demand for suitable machinery is therefore more and more expected, to carry out the work quickly with maximum safety.

With the Italian Government incentives from MISE, through the green and digital transitional project, 5G will be the key for the national ecosystem. Some cities in Southern Italy (Cagliari, Palermo, Salerno and Vibo Valentia) are the objective of Mise project, with 3,2 Mln Euros for 5G adoption and developing to promote new models of business.

5G will allow the Nations to become Smart countries thanks to the development of an innovative ecosystem of permanently connected devices and the management of a large amount of data, making instant information available to millions of people.

The Palazzani Spider lifts / cranes are the most versatile machines to speed up the construction, assembly and replacement of the current antennas on the towers, thanks to the cage and the winch or telescopic arm with winch, to lift pylons and antennas of 500 to 1000 kg up to 52 meters.

Thanks to the compact dimensions and low operating weight of Spider lifts, are involved in can reach difficult to access places, enter historic centers and be positioned on the roofs of skyscrapers.

All the machines for this application in Italy are equipped with the Pal-connect system which makes them localizable and accessible remotely.

Palazzani offers full advice every customer to study and provide the most suitable configuration for carrying out all jobs.