Located in the Northern Italy, Rimini is one of the most popular cities in Europe.

The secrets of its long success are the hospitality and friendliness of its people as well as the beautiful landscapes such as the sea and the hills, culture and entertainment, a big historical and artistic heritage and a lot of spectacular events.

During the last few months and during the lockdowns, tourists and citizens have become more and more connected, and consequently the roads infrastructure, city, houses and services have needed strong interventions of digitalization.

In this moment, the major role is played by 5G, which allows the connection among millions of objects and sensors.

The radio-mobile antennas used in a 5G network reach a much higher density and performance than a current network and are entirely connected with fiber.

Riminigru is a Company specialized in transport and rental business of mobile cranes and aerial platforms for over 50 years.

The long experience of this Company has allowed them to be chosen for the assembly and installation operations of telephone antennas for 5G.

These operations are complex and require experience and the use of machines which operate with extreme precision. This is where the Palazzani’ s Spider Lift XTJ 43+ plays its role of main character.

XTJ 43+ can reach 43 meters high, 18 meters outreach and 330kg of capacity.

Just after 18 months from the purchase of the first unit of XTJ 43+, Riminigru decided to buy another full-optional XTJ 43+.

This second unit is equipped with a 330 kg capacity basket, 500kg winch and a remote assistance and self-diagnosis system named “Palconnect” used also for geolocalization and consumables checkups-alerts.

Andrea Ferri, Director of Riminigru, the son of Pasquale Ferri says: “We are enthusiastic of the Palazzani machines performances that allow us to work in important building sites with full satisfaction.”

“We expect to work for 12-24 months in this application”.

We thank Riminigru once again for their trust in Palazzani Industrie.

If you have to work in telecoms application, please contact our Staff: we will guide you towards the right choice.