This year we want to surprise more than ever our visitors at Bauma, with extraordinary news, as well as with some of the most representative Palift and Palcrane models. The covered stand will be large in order to welcome our visitors at best. Both Palazzani sales and technical staff will be present to welcome everybody and provide every information at our OUTDOOR STAND: FS 907 A/1

We will bring 5 Spiders at Bauma: mini crane RPG 2900 W+ bi-energy, agile, compact and powerful. Only 730 mm wide and with a weight of 2800 kg, it is the most performing solution to operate in the narrowest and most inaccessible areas. Agile and powerful, its max lifting capacity is 2.9 tons. The telescopic boom complete with hydraulic jib reaches 13.2 meters with a capacity of 600 kg. The machine can be towed through a 3,5 ton trailer. Available in Bi-energy basket capacity as standard: Diesel+AC for outdoor and indoor applications.

Spider lift TSJ 30.1 Hybrid, classic, light and compact spider lift from Palazzani range, with 5 section telescopic boom and upper articulated flying jib. The turret can rotate without limitations on every set-up. The pipes are protected inside the boom. Each outrigger can be rotated in 2 different positions, to work in restricted areas, with automatic self-levelling. It is the best solution for construction, maintenance, tree-care, restoration applications both indoor and outdoor.

Spider TZX 225 Bi-energy, versatile Spider Lift, able to operate on soft terrain and delicate floors thanks to its ultra-light and non-marking tracks. Can be towed with 2 axle trailer.
The stabilisation is double and each articulated boom is equipped with a double telescopic extension, allowing maximum aerial agility. Lightweight and space-saving, it is ideal for outdoor and indoor maintenance, gardening, and restoration work.

And here is the latest news from Palazzani: the Spider TSJ 35.1 ECO/lithium. The new model available on tracks and Bi-energy (Diesel+AC), the unit offered to our visitors in Munich is a full green ECO basket capacity (AC+lithium battery) for applications requiring zero environmental impact. Designed on 2022 to replace the former TSJ 35, the new Spider Lift is already in production and offers an excellent aerial working diagramme of 35 m of max w/h with15 m of max outreach, with only 2 meters high in transfer position, for passing through a door. The new TSJ 35.1 includes the last generation technology for easier maintenance (State of the art CAN BUS system, Safety redundancies), a modern design and interesting performances.

We will launch the highest Spider Lift in the world. The details are top secret. We can’t wait to surprise our visitors at Bauma. #thehighestspiderintheworld

You can see our Spiders in different colour because one of the latest news from Palazzani is: a colour for each motorisation. Our products can have up to three available basket capacitys for each model: bi-energy (Diesel and AC), eco (AC+lithium Battery) or hybrid (Diesel+AC+lithium Battery). For this reason, we have decided to associate each colour with a motorisation, to make them more recognizable. Bi-energy is the standard basket capacity and therefore it is now associated with red and white, which are Palazzani standard colours. Eco is the green basket capacity with zero emissions and therefore it is now associated with green and white colours. Finally, Hybrid is the basket capacity associated with the blue and white colours.

Predicting what Bauma will be like is not easy at all, the Pandemic has completely changed our lives and so the business. The trade fair world has also been involved in many challenges. Virtual events have taken over in place of people meetings. The choice of big Players to take a step back and not attend the exhibition is understandable from one side, but for our Company Bauma is still a great meeting occasion to establish important contacts with customers from all over the world and to “touch” in person the news of the market. We believe that meeting each other and speaking directly with our customers and Dealers is a great value, so we will attend this important event that is requiring to us a lot of energy from the beginning of the year, to be able to give our best as always. Bauma will be also the occasion to show our juicy news, full of high quality, technology and made in Italy in a global context.