“WORLD PREMIERE” EVENT: delivery of the highest Spider in the world!

From 5 to 7 October 2023, we will be present at GIS Exhibition – Italian Days of Exceptional Lifting and Transport in Piacenza, the largest event in Europe dedicated to the users of cranes, mobile cranes, aerial work platforms, telehandlers, forklift trucks, overhead travelling cranes, port & industrial handling equipment and heavy transport vehicles.

During the fair we will surprise our visitors with some of our Spider Palift models which present the essential characteristics for Palazzani: made in Italy production, high quality, innovation, and technology due to constant research and development.

It will also be a very important opportunity to share both professional and friendly moments with our customers, involving them in the large Palazzani family since we consider them “belonging” to our brand.

Our Spiders at the fair

The Spiders displayed at GIS will be five:

Ragno TZX 225

The representative of the small models will be Ragno TZX 225 bi-energy, which is a versatile Spider lift, able to operate on soft terrain and delicate floors, thanks to the standard non-marking tracks. The set-up is double and easy in restricted areas; each articulated aluminum arm is equipped with a double telescopic extension for maximum aerial agility. Low weight and stowed dimensions, it is ideal for indoor and outdoor maintenance, landscaping and restoration.

Ragno TSJ 23.1

Ragno TSJ 23.1 bi-energy has stowed dimensions, low weight and adjustable tracks, for greater stability during transfer. The use is simple and intuitive, thanks to the outreach automatic limiting system and diagnostic touch-screen monitor. The multi-telescopic main boom, in high-strength steel, and the articulated upper jib offer maximum aerial agility at every height with zero tailswing. It is ideal for work in confined spaces, where the required weight is limited, such as construction and external and internal maintenance works.

Ragno TSJ 35.1

Ragno TSJ 35.1 bi-energy is a narrow and stowed Spider lift, either for driving and set-up, and it operates with simple and direct movements, with zero tail swing. Thanks to the telescopic sectioned boom and the longest fixed articulated jib in the range, it offers high outreach performance even at important heights. The robust structure offers stability and comfort in the cage as well as fast transfers even on steep slopes. It is the best rental solution, ideal for restoration.

Ragno TSJ 39

Ragno TSJ 39 is a Spider lift equipped with automatic, simple and quick set-up. The structure is robust and guarantees stable aerial set-up, comfort in the cage as well as fast transfer even on strong slopes. Available on tracks and wheels and with electric battery operation. It is ideal for landscaping and indoor-outdoor maintenance.

TTZJ 58: the highest Spider in the world!

The “World Premiere” event will be held on Thursday 5th October at 10am at our booth I42A in the outside area, where we will reveal with scenic effect to whom has been sold our TTZJ 58, the highest Spider in the world!

Lightweight, compact, easy to use and very agile, the Ragno TTZJ 58 reaches 58 meters of max working height, the largest in the world in the category Spider, with an articulated arm with double slide and fly jib. Designed to be the solution to hard-to-access interventions that many applications have, such as telephony, internal or external maintenance and general rental.

An opportunity not to be missed

Paola Palazzani, sales director of Palazzani Industrie, declares: “GIS is the most important fair for lifting equipment in Italy. Every edition we attend, we notice how it becomes increasingly important and has also expanded internationally“.

In fact, reading various news circulating on social media and in the main newspapers, the expectations for this year are very high: over 400 exhibitors and visitors from all over the world.

For all who work in our sector, it is impossible to miss it” continues Paola. “First of all, it is an excellent starting point for learning about what’s new on the market and the new trends and new market demands. It is also essential to understand how products and innovations have developed in the last two years and compare this edition with the previous one to understand the strengths and weaknesses in our sector. Being an Italian fair, you can also compare yourself directly with competitors, but the most important thing is certainly attention to the customer” concludes Paola.

We are waiting for you at GIS at our stand I42A in the outside area to welcome all your curiosities and questions regarding our products!