Founded in France in 1989, Eurolev is a Rental Company specialized in lifting equipment which is present over all France thanks to an extensive network of Agencies. It is known for the strong organizational know-how, the wide range of equipment and the tailor-made partnership relationship.

To meet the expectations and specific requests of customers, Eurolev Vertical Solution has been able to develop in all sectors of activity and invest in new machinery, including Spider Lifts platforms of important heights.

“Palazzani has been collaborating with our manager Atnaloc, the new branch of Eurolev Vertical Solution, for over 30 years. In all these years, a trusting partnership has been built to maintain a common goal: our customers satisfaction ”, say the Eurolev Managers.

Eurolev’s fleet of nearly 2000 machines also included a range of Spider Lifts from 13 to 42 meters of maximum working height. Recently, the French company decided to introduce two new Palazzani Spider Lifts, one XTJ 37+ and one XTJ 52+ on crawlers and bi-energy, which have already been delivered and are already at work. Additionally, one TSJ 25 crawler hybdrid lithium is currently in production to “…complete our range of special high height spider platforms”, as they have defined them.

The XTJ 37+ model manages to reach a height of 37 meters, with an outreach of 15.70 meters and a capacity of 330kg, while the XTJ 52+ rises up to 52 meters, with an outreach of 19.50 meters and the capacity of 400kg. Both models have been chosen with a winch of 500 and 980 kg respectively to open up also to applications that require the lifting of materials, in addition to pure work at height.

Eurolev sayed: “These two platforms were purchased to offer our customers a greater working height, especially when when the applications are on the skyscrapers” and adds “we use Ragno Palazzani platforms for many activities, such as construction sites with difficult or limited access. However, it is essential to have qualified Staff to exploit the machines potentials.”

Safety is with no doubt the first factor for Palazzani Industrie, and relying on companies like Eurolev is a guarantee.

Eurolev achieves the best results, since the machines are chosen for their quality and rented with skilled staff. “The management of a platform requires proven training and experience in the field, to master its characteristics: stability conditions, load limits, outreach limits, safety devices, emergency maneuvers, etc.”, Eurolev states, and they add “The operators carry out the maneuvers on construction sites in compliance with the rules and technical constraints. Their know-how and professionalism guarantee efficiency and safety. Our customers can thus remain focused on their core business ”.

“It is a pleasure to have come into contact with such an important reality in France” says Laura Gasparini, Export Sales Manager of Palazzani Industrie, “the beginning of this new collaboration, which we hope will last a long time, has a double value for us, since it represents the acquisition of a new customer and the consolidation of an historical customer at the same time. We will work at best to provide quality products, support and services with the higher attention to their needs “.