IPAF Anch'io 2024

31 May 2024, Bologna, Italy

Palazzani Industrie will participate in the IPAF Anch’io 2024 event, the third edition of one of the most important events in the world of aerial access.

Scheduled for May 31 at The Sydney Hotel in Bologna, this event stands out as the ideal meeting point for professionals in the sector, offering a unique moment for reflection, exchange of ideas and construction of fundamental relationships for the future of the industry.

After a period of plenty of trade shows in 2023, the IPAF Anch’io 2024 event is a welcome break, a time to assess the value the industry is creating and imagine the future. In a context where the aerial access sector is expanding not only in terms of market size but also in terms of responsibility and organisational relations, it is crucial for participants to be active constructors of their own destiny rather than passive spectators.

Palazzani Industrie firmly fits into this context as one of the main protagonists. With a vision centered on building the future of the industry together, the company is committed to being a benchmark for the core values that guide the aerial access community.

The event will be attended by IPAF members, training centers, manufacturers, rental companies and distributors of aerial platforms, all gathered to discuss the most current issues in the industry, strengthen existing professional relationships and create new partnerships.

A distinctive element of this edition is the focus on ideas, orientations and collaborations that can bring new life to the aerial access business. Unlike usual, we will put aside product promotion to focus on the reflections and sharing of intent that can guide the industry towards a solid and sustainable future.

To find out more, visit the website: www.ipaf.org/anchio