An extraordinary partnership

An extraordinary partnership

We’re proud to have been chosen as technical sponsor by the prestigious Giovanni E Marella Agnelli Art Gallery in Turin!

From 27 May 2022 Pinacoteca Agnelli has been transformed into a dynamic cultural centre, open to the multidisciplinary languages of the present while interfacing with the historical collection of the institution. The new Pinacoteca is a place dedicated to the production of new exhibitions and site-specific projects commissioning both Italian and international artists for its indoor and outdoor spaces.

Thanks to the support of our partner rental company CMI Noleggi, we have contributed significantly to the installation of the artwork “Die Mimik Der Tethys” created by the German artist Julius von Bismarck and currently displayed on the Pista 500, the iconic track on the Lingotto rooftop. The historic track used by the FIAT factory for testing cars is in fact now an outdoor exhibition path.

The protagonists of this intervention were the Palazzani Spider Lifts XTJ 32 with cage and XTJ 43+ with winch, which worked in perfect harmony to transform the artist’s vision into reality. Performance, safety, precision, reliability and efficiency were among the elements required to do this job.

The artwork by Julius Von Bismark: Die Mimik der Tethys, 2023

The artwork by Julius Von Bismark: Die Mimik der Tethys, 2023

“Die Mimik der Tethys (The Expressions of Tethys) consists of a buoy seeming to float high in the centre of the iconic helicoidal ramp of the former FIAT factory at Lingotto. Its movement evokes that of the waves and is achieved through a sophisticated engineering system that connects Die Mimik der Tethys to a sister buoy located in the Atlantic Ocean. The original buoy continuously transmits motion data via satellite to its double, and the information guides eight electric motors and cable winches, reproducing its motion in real-time.

The artwork thus becomes a kind of hypnotic machine; a surreal presence that leads one to imagine that the monumental space of the ramp could contain the waves of the ocean.

Von Bismarck wants us to confront precisely our understanding of the concept of nature, emphasising that it is not innate but culturally constructed.

The multidisciplinary practice of Julius Von Bismarck (Germany, 1983) explores the dialectic between what we define as nature and culture. Deeply interested in ecological processes and how they are perceived and narrated, his research involves various media and fields of experimentation, often crossing into areas such as physics, technology and the natural sciences.

The choice of the XTJ 32 and XTJ 43 Spider

The choice of the XTJ 32 and XTJ 43+ Spider

The decision of the Pinacoteca Agnelli to use our Spider Lifts was motivated by the need to face the logistical challenges present on the Pista 500. The peculiarity of this are, in fact, is the steep slope and a difficult access, which required a unique solution that only a Spider could offer!

The agile and compact Spider equipped with a 500 kg hydraulic winch was used to lift of the artwork in total safety. The ability to set-up on slope, combined with the power of the winch, made it possible to carry out the installation in such a challenging context. The synergistic collaboration between the two Spiders allowed the operators on the basket to successfully complete the installation, connecting the cables necessary to activate the Julius von Bismark buoy.

This innovative approach demonstrated the flexibility and effectiveness of Palazzani Spider Lifts, allowing the Pinacoteca Agnelli to successfully overcome logistical challenges and present the artwork in a unique and evocative context.

We thank the Pinacoteca Giovanni E Marella Agnelli again for their trust and for offering us the great opportunity to contribute to the cultural panorama of the city of Turin.

The exhibition will be open to the public until October 2024, offering everyone the opportunity to contemplate and appreciate this extraordinary work which required the cooperation of our company and our Piedmontese partner CMI Noleggi.

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