the electric motorization…

It is now clear that climate change is an issue on the agenda and it’s affecting more and more industries and people. An increasing number of manufacturers are going hybrid or fully electric, to contain this problem.
In Italy, the market demand for these new motorizations is still weak due to the high costs but, above all, to the widespread mistrust about performances among end users from the point of view of the performance and autonomy of electric cars.
We, as a manufacturer of Aerial Platforms for over 35 years, always aim for quality, safety and technological performance. We focus on real customer’s need, taking care of the environment.
We work to offer up-to-date products without waiting for market demand to grow, so we have created eco-friendly solutions for the motorizations of Palazzani Spiders such as Hybrid (Diesel+Battery) and ECO (Battery+AC).

Electric does not mean less performing

These basket capacitys allow both indoor and outdoor operation; silence is one of the main benefits, and the vibrations emitted by the ECO option are close to zero.
The performance of our Spiders in full electric ”ECO” version remains the same as powered by the diesel engine, offering two operating modes according to the use.
The “speed” mode is suggested to fulfil quick jobs: it makes full use of the battery power for higher performance; on the contrary, the “long range” mode is for long-duration jobs since it allows to reduce consumption and preserves battery life.
The batteries used are LIFEPO4 lithium, which are safe (thanks to the J1772 protocol) and eco-friendly because they are cobalt free, have high performance and low weight and can be recharged quickly even indoors.
In fact, the level of autonomy allows operators to work for an entire day without having to worry about recharging.

Palazzani for the environment

Since there is still a “limit” in our country, as well as in many others, due to the lack of infrastructure, we’re moving to make sure that our machines can be recharged everywhere. Currently, Palazzani Spiders can be charged at electric car charging posts, through an installed Type 2 outlet, either at domestic or industrial 230 and 400 V currents, thanks to an adapter that can be supplied with our machines.
We are always looking for strategies and technologies to safeguard our planet. The latest green solutions we have adopted are the latest generation photovoltaic system that provides us with a high level of energy autonomy, hybrid company cars, and the expansion of motorizations for our Spider Lifts in eco and hybrid versions.
In order for us to make a real impact at the environmental level, we need to start taking action at all levels, starting even with the small things, and that’s what we are doing!